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  • To initiate the panic alert using the In-App Panic option, the client must hold down either the security or medical button within the REACT mobile application for a minimum of 3 seconds. Once the panic is initiated, the closest responders will be automatically dispatched to the client's location.

  • Simultaneously, the control room will attempt to establish communication with the client. If the client is unreachable, the panic will not be canceled, and the responders will continue to be dispatched to the location.

  • If the control room successfully contacts the client, they will assess the situation to determine if it is a genuine emergency. If the client confirms that everything is fine and requests to cancel the panic, the operator will ask for the client's security word for verification.

  • Providing the correct security word will result in the cancellation of the panic alert. However, if the client provides an incorrect duress code or is unable to provide one, the panic alert will not be canceled, and the response team will still be dispatched to the client's location to ensure their safety and security.

  • The Call-In Panic option enables subscribers to initiate emergency response by making a phone call to the designated REACT hotline. However, it's essential that the call is made from the number connected to the subscriber's subscription to ensure authenticity and validation. If the call is not made from the registered number, it may be rejected by the system.

  • Additionally, the phone used to make the call must be a smartphone capable of receiving SMS messages to share the live location with the REACT response team. This feature ensures that responders can accurately pinpoint the caller's location for swift assistance. If the call is made from a non-smartphone, it will not be rejected as long as it's from the registered number.

  • During the call, the operator will ask the client to describe their location verbally to supplement the live location shared through SMS. This dual approach ensures that responders can quickly locate the caller, even in situations where GPS or location-sharing features may be unavailable or inaccurate.


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